About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
We are an award winning video/film company that started in 2003 after a career of music production (see discog link) . It wasn't long before people began to be mesmerized by the unique and creative filming and editing skills of the CEO Eugene Bussey, his life long passion has always been to entertain people in any capacity with his God given abilities and talent. You can rest assure if your film/video project is done by Creative Filmz you will be in for a unique and satisfying experience. Creative Filmz takes pride in invoking emotion through productions we create. Whether it be laughter, tears or just satisfaction, you will receive a finished product that will keep you, family, friends, or business associates talking for quite sometime. No matter what you pay for our services we never gauge or limit our work totally by that, but we usually put a little more work into what we do because we believe if you look good... we look good.

"To do what we do and get paid is awesome!, but to see the effect of our work is priceless